Dr. Quinlan Provides Root Canal Therapy with Sedation

Many patients are especially fearful of root canal treatment. They have heard from friends or family that it is very painful or doesn’t work. Occasionally a root canal procedure is very difficult, and it is true that not every tooth can be successfully treated by root canal (endodontic) therapy. However, over 90% of root canal treatments ARE successful, allowing the patient to keep their tooth, and move forward in complete comfort even after having had a terrible toothache or abscess and swollen face.

When the pulp of a tooth is inflamed or infected, a root canal is needed, or the tooth may have to be removed. The procedure is a bit lengthy but causes very little if any pain during or afterwards. The dentist gives good local anesthetic and cleans, disinfects, shapes and fills the “plumbing” or canals in the tooth. To the average person, it would seem that they had a long filling appointment, with no discomfort.

Root canal therapy ends the pain and infection in a tooth. After the root canal is finished, and because most teeth that need a root canal have suffered a lot of structural loss through decay and/or old fillings, the tooth needs to be rebuilt with a strengthening post and filling material. It is very highly recommended that a tooth that has had a root canal be crowned (or capped) as soon as possible after the root canal is finished to avoid fracture.

Dr. R.P. Quinlan understands your concerns and offers root canal therapy with nitrous oxide sedation. We also provide complete answers to your questions before we begin any treatment or procedure for your comfort and assurance.

If you have a painful tooth that is not improving, contact our dental office in Saint John today to book an appointment.

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